Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Blog is Moving

As most of you are probably aware, my blog is moving home. I have moved to my own website and can now be found here.

I have been posting on both blogs for the past month so there's plenty to look at, including a few new posts :) I hope you all call round and visit. You can also follow using either your rss reader or through networked blogs. I also have my shop over on my new site so why not come over for a browse.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Final Bits & Bobs Before Craft Fair

I've been having a final splurge of creating before the Craft Fair Saturday. I've made a couple more pairs of earrings and made a second rack for my earrings to be displayed on. If any of you are in the St Albans area this Saturday (26th November 2011) between 11am - 3pm, Woodle Doodle Dandy Designs will be at the Creative Arts Christmas Craft Fair at Verulam School in St Albans.

Here's the flyer the School have sent advertising the event :) Wish me luck. Its my first ever Craft Fair so I'm a little nervous, but also very excited.

I've also been busy with my website and now have a section to display and eventually sell my artwork and email using my domain name. If you want to reach me I can be emailed at :)

Also don't forget, my blog is moving home. My new home will be here and I've already started blogging from here ready for the move on the 1st December 2011. I really hope that you will all come and find me at my new home, and maybe even leave me a message or several :) You can follow me using networked blogs or by adding the link from my RSS feed to your Reader. Hope to see you all soon :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

All Go

Its been a busy few days at Woodle Doodle Dandy Towers :) I've made my first sales from my new site \o/ and I've been making more earrings. I'm guessing earrings will be my biggest sellers at the craft fair but I know I need to get down to making some more necklaces and bracelets too.

I'm also really chuffed. My new business cards from Moo turned up at the weekend. I absolutely love them and have already given a few out. I also got my new order of elasticated thread and jump rings from Beads Unlimited in the post today. I've had a splitting headache all day today so that has really perked me up.

I'm finally extra excited as the new Support Handmade However its Made site is up and looking fab. Shirley at Diddybears has done an amazing job. Everything looks so tempting. I've already done a tiny bit of shopping via it and hope to do some more at the weekend. There's a great mix of items on show, everything from lovely toiletries, gorgeous candles, beautiful homeware, great jewellery and loads more.

I've uploaded my latest creations to my shop but just in case you haven't had a chance to look, here's a little taster :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

More Makery :)

I've been slowly working through my stash of broken jewellery and disassembling them. I've also been having a brutal look at some of my older jewellery that I made. I've had a bit of a cull and taken those pieces apart too. I'm quite chuffed with the amount of jump rings I've salvaged. It may sound a bit odd but I find the whole process of taking dead jewellery to pieces and sorting the parts really relaxing. Also by sorting them by colour I've got inspired by some nice colour combinations. I made these earrings last night and I'm so happy with how they look.

All the earrings have also been added to my shop so if you fancy snapping any of them up, just pop on over to here.

Finally for those of you who are reading this from my blogspot account, don't forget I'll be moving over to my new site permanently from the 1st December 2011. My new site address is here.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Feeling Creative \o/

After all the goings on on Folksy its been a relief to get back to making jewellery again. I've been going through the stash I got from Oxfam earlier in the month and taking the broken jewellery apart and sorting out what findings I can salvage. So far I have managed to get some really nice copper jump rings and loads of pretty beads and spacers. Here's what I got in the jar.

It only cost £4.99 so I was chuffed to bits :) I've so sorted a lot of the beads and made a pair of earrings. I used some blue beads I got given a while ago and added them to some spacers I got in amongst the latest haul. I'm really happy with how they've come out and have just listed them in my shop.

Finally, a note to all my followers, I have decided to move over to my new blog permenantly on 1st December 2011. For the next month I will post all posts on both sites but from the 1st December I will only be posting at my new address on my site. The address for anyone wanting to make the move over now is here.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been busy beavering away on my new website and listing stock. I have also made the decision to close my shop on Folksy as my heart just hasn't been in it since they made all the changes to their definition of handmade. Also, the thought of making a sale and giving even a tiny part to them as commission was also leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.

I'm loving the freedom of having my own site. It took me a few days to get my head around the fact I could list whatever I liked :) I'm also considering moving my blog over to the site. What you you folks think? I hope you would all come and visit and follow me in my new home :) If I know you're coming I'll bung the kettle on and even rustle up some cyber-biscuits ;)

I've also been enjoying getting to know the other ladies (and gentleman) from Shhim. Mrs Diddybears has done an absolutely fab job on the site and is currently working on a Christmas showcase! I can't wait. I do owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Not just for all the hard work she has done with the Shhim site (which is currently doing in her own time and for no fees!) but also for being the catalysis in getting my arse in gear with the website. I think its one of the best things I've done and its really inspired me to get creating. Thank you Mrs D and also the other Shhim ladies :)

If you need a little bit of cuteness you should pop on over to her shop and check out her Diddybears. They are utterly adorable. Everyone is different and they come with their own birth certificate. My favourite bit is the description on the about page :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I can haz new shop!

I finally took the plunge and got myself a website with shop. Its a bit of a gamble as I've always sold my jewellery through other sites like Folksy and Dawanda but I think after the nonsense on Folksy I felt it was time. I'm going to keep my Folksy shop till my listings run out and haven't decided what to do with my Dawanda shop yet. Dawanda have always been supportive so I don't want to abandon my shop there but I have to be honest, I get a fraction of the traffic I did on my Folksy shop and pricing in Euros is a little awkward.

You can find me here so please do take a look. Any feedback would be very welcome. If you have a shop/website you would like me to promote just leave me a comment with your details.