Monday, 28 February 2011

Free Beads

Look what I got in the post today :)

They were a free sample I got from . Now I just have to decide what to make from them. I think I'll definitely be checking out the shop for more beads and jewellery findings as they seem to do a nice mix of quirky bits and bobs. I especially like the cat charm.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Busy week in Katsville

Last night I went out to see Mark Thomas live at our local theatre. He was utterly amazing. I think to say he was a comedian would do him a disservice - he's kind of like v witty, v human and engaging human rights activist. Last night he was talking about his recent trip to the West Bank and how he walked along the wall that divides the West Bank from Israel. I've been a fan for years but never had the chance to see him till now and I would definitely recommend it.

Completely different and much lighter note, I've finished making all my geeky crafts for the Geeky Swap on Cut Out & Keep so I should be posting those off by the end of the week :) I love making things for others. I think its probably my biggest source of inspiration. Hopefully Kiddo will love the bits I've made her as much as I've loved making them :)

I'm also reading loads at the moment. I finished Gentlemen and Players and I'm now reading another of Joanne Harris'. I'm reading Chocolat. I've seen the film a few times so wasn't going to read it, but after reading Gentlemen and Players I got really into her style of writing. I'm loving Chocolat and I'm already near the end.

It's been a bit of the wet and soggy side the last few weekends so I haven't got the down the plot for a couple of weeks. I have been starting some seeds off at home though. I have chili and onions on the window sill.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've signed up for my first swap in absolutely ages so tonight I've been making all things geeky (as thats the theme of the swap) :) My partner for this swap is Kiddo and we've been partners in a couple of swaps so I'm really having fun. So far I've made 3 items and I have another couple on the go. I even used polyvore to help get me inspired. This is the set I made based on the geeky things she said she liked.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Looking out for our planet

I spotted this on my reader today via Treehugger

Its a beautiful and v v short animation to remind us why we need to be kind to our planet.