Saturday, 30 October 2010

One More Day to Halloween

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing this. Its been going round my head all day :)
Also, I thought it would be a cool way to say to everyone that you have one more day to enter my giveaway. Good Luck and Happy Halloween :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Folksy Kat & RIP Ari Up

I've been a bit on the fluey side this week :( This hasn't stopped me creating though and I have been merrily making inchies. I'm making them on a festive theme to use in Christmas cards. I loved making them for the swap earlier in the year so I thought I'd make some more for myself. If you're not familiar with them they are roughly an inch square (hence the name) and can be made from any material and are tiny pieces of art. For the swap we were sewing them but I've seen loads on flickr since which are made from paper and other craft materials so I think its pretty much anything goes. I've been sewing my latest ones and so far have made 7 cards from them :) I'm aiming to do a minimum of 1 a day.
I've also been busy setting myself up in business over on Woodle Doodle Dandy Designs is now up in business so please go over and take a peak :) I'm thinking of eventually swapping over completely at some point in the future. Dawanda is a great site and there are some beautiful handmade items on there, I was just struggling with getting my head around pricing everything in Euros. On Folksy its all in £s so I'm getting along with that much easier. Also being UK based I'm guessing that the customers will also be UK based and this may help to increase sales.
I've also been doing a bit more crochet and I'm mid way through a crocheted scarf. Its the biggest thing I've attempted but I'm really enjoying it. I'm thinking of making it as a Christmas pressie so I'll have to see how it turns out. The plan is that I make quite a few of my pressies this year. That way I keep costs down but with the added bonus (I hope) that my pressies will be original and more personal.
Also on a sadder note, I spotted that Ari Up from the punk band the Slits had died. If you don't know them, they were an all girl band fronted by Ari. She was just 14 when they got signed up and they did more for equality in the music scene that the Spice Girls could have ever dreamed and they were doing it a good couple of decades earlier. The pic above is a sketch I did a couple of months ago of Ari so I thought I'd post it with this.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Free Stuff!! \o/

I love entering giveaways so I thought I'd join in with the fun and host my own. \o/ For the occasion I have made this pretty blue and silver, bone charm bracelet and earrings set. I hope you all like them. The closing date for entries will be Sunday 31st October at Midnight (GMT).

Open Worldwide :)

How to enter: -

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment to say who you are and that you are following

Additional enteries can be made by:-

1. Visiting my shop and commenting on your favourite item.

2. 'Like' my shop on facebook and leave me a comment with your fb name here.

3. Follow my shop on Twitter and leave me a comment here with a link to your profile.

4. Tweet about this and comment with a link.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Scavenger Kat's Treasure Trove :)

I had an amazing find this weekend. I found these two big, yoghurt pots of broken jewellery. Both were going for a fiver each. I wasn't sure when I first how much I'd be able to use but once I got them both home and emptied out on my desk I was beaming from ear to ear :D
I've already made one pair of star earrings from an old broken necklace I had and from some broken earrings and broken chain in my new stash. They're up in my shop if you want to take a look.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Latest Makery

After having a bit of a shift around of furniture and bits I've made myself a new making area in the living room. The shelf next to it now has all my craft books and I have my own little desk. I also picked myself up a cheap lamp for a tenner so I have some decent light to work by. Its great and has got me inspired to finish up some of my half finished bits and bobs.
The bits I've finished include my cowel scarf (which I started over a year ago!), my little crocheted purse, a crocheted coaster and a few bats pendants for my shop :)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Meet Crazy Crochet Lady

I'm getting seriously into crocheting at the moment. So much so that I've purchased myself some more supplies. Check out my new crochet hooks that came in the post today. They came from a German Company via Amazon. I'm so chuffed and can't wait to give them a try. I also picked myself a cool crochet book from my library so I'm considering taking the next step and actually following a pattern. Most of the bits I've made up till now have just been playing around with bits of wool and making it up as I go along. This book I've borrowed has lots of small projects like bags and belts so I'm hoping that there will be something in there that I can have a go at :)
I've also been making some more pendants in time for Halloween. They're in a mix of different colours with little bats on them (of course). I shall get posting pics of them too when I've got some new ribbon to hang them on. If you want a sneaky peak then you should be able to see them in the flickr slideshow on the right side of my main blog page.