Saturday, 24 September 2011

Giveaway Time \o/

To celebrate reaching the milestone of 100 twitter followers and 60 blog followers, I have decided to thank everyone with a Halloween themed giveaway :)

I'm giving away these two pairs of Halloweeny earrings and this cute bat tile necklace. The bat tile and Jack Skellington Earrings were handmade from fimo clay and the silver bone earrings are made from some cute bone charms I picked up a while ago and hung from silver plated earring wires. As I'm feeling extra excited I'm going to throw in some Halloween sweeties too :)

How to enter:
1. Follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me

For additional entries you can:
2. Visit my Folksy Shop and leave me a comment telling me your favourite item
3. Follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment telling me your twitter name
4. Like my shop on facebook and leave me a comment telling me who you are on facebook

The giveaway will close midnight of Tuesday 4th of October 2011. The giveaway is open Worldwide. I will send the winning person a message on the Wednesday and announce the winner here so keep your eyes peeled. Have fun :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Something Different...

I've been playing around on youtube today so I thought I'd share some of what I've been listening to...

Alanis Morrisette - That I Would be Good

Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sade - By You Side

Apologies for the advertising before Patti Smith - couldn't find a decent live recording and I love her cover of this Nirvana song so I thought the ad wasn't too offensive.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Latest Doings

I've been pretty busy lately. I've been trying to come up with some new designs for my stall at the Craft Fair I'm doing in November. I've also been busy down the plot. I want to get as much clear and in use as possible. So far we've dug up our onions and they are nice and dried out. I used my first one Thursday night in my dinner and it was very tasty :)

We've also dug up our first row of potatoes and they are scrummy. They're a good size, seem to dig up pretty clean (so less scrubbing \o/) and cook up nicely. They're quite floury and make very tasty mash. We keep the skins on when making mash so I was chuffed that they cleaned up with minimal scrubbing. I wish I could remember what breed they were as I'd be very happy having more of the same.

The courgettes are almost at the end of their life but we have had some amazing harvests from them. I'm also very pleased to say that we've only had to compost one. The rest were all eaten up by either us or our neighbour (who makes very tasty cake as payment).

The squashes are looking amazing. We only planted 2 that a friend gave us and they've taken up so much room. Very handy as they are extremely low maintenance and easy to grow. They look a little like the courgettes and have already got some squashes coming on them. I've never grown squash before so this is going to be an experience. I'll have to track down some recipes so they don't get wasted.

Finally, I've got in all the onions and shallots I bought in Wilkinsons and just have the garlic to put in. I'll probably do that tomorrow, providing the weather stays fine. The sweetcorns are also ready to harvest \o/.

On the making front, I've been experimenting with felt and making brooches. So far I've made a pretty flower one and a cute pumpkin. I'm thinking of making more halloweeny ones as I've got a ton of zombie green and pumpkin orange felt to use up :)

Also I've reached 60 followers of my blog and 105 twitter followers so I'm planning another giveaway to celebrate. I want to make something new for it so watch this space. Something is on the horizon but haven't quite decided what :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

More Makery :)

I've finally got back to crafting \o/ I got some great owl charms from ebay which have already made their way into my Folksy shop in the form of some cute earrings :> I've also been using some of the blue glass beads I got from Oxfam and combined them with some silver ball beads I picked up second hand ages ago. I'm very chuffed with the results and it feels great to be making again.

I've also signed up for a Chr*****s craft fair that's running on the last week of November so I need to get my crafty arse in gear and get stuff ready for that. I've been playing around with some ideas for brooches and have so far made my first successful flower brooch. Its made from odd scraps of fabric and beads and some cool wool I picked up in Cancer Research shop in Hemel. I forgot to take any pics so will get some done next time I play with the camera.

After my unwelcome, non-cultivation notice from the council, I've also been down the plot loads. I got some great bargains in Wilkonsons last week - they had bags of 50 mixed onions for £2. I also got some shallots and garlic, also for the same price. I've also picked up some spring bulbs from the Pound shop too and they were on offer - 2 for £1. I'm hoping to get as many of them in over the next few weekends so I can keep up the growing over the autumn and winter.