Thursday, 26 November 2009

My stuff for sale!!! \o/

We've got a Christmas Craft Fair tomorrow and some of my jewellery is on sale :) I've already had some interest so I'm hoping to make some sales. Fingers crossed.
Just watched an item on Martin's Money tips on some women in the US who has made a living out of saving coupons/vouchers and is able to feed a family of 6 for just a couple of dollars, which to us is about a £1!!! If you're reading this from the US check out the link to Martin Lewis' website with my links of interest. Unfortunately the system seems to be slightly different to here but I'm always pretty chuffed by the fact that although I cut my income by 20% it hasn't really effected my standard of living and I'm still able to save. Most of that's though shopping at market stalls, buying multi buys and things that are on offer and using my Boots reward card points. Charity shops are also great but thats not a new love, I've always bought most of my clothes from Charity shops.
Christmas should be interesting though, a bit of a challenge. I'm on a very limited budget (about £10 a person) + 1 birthday so hope family are happy with present. Thankfully I don't celebrate Christmas so no worries about turkeys and all that nonsense. We're just spending a few days down at the South Coast and will probably do a spot of fossil hunting on Christmas day. We're much happier with that. Christmas is fine if that's what you want to do but its not important to me or my bf so we don't celebrate it. It sounds a bit scroogish but its really nice and so much cheaper and less stressful.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rain, rain, rain

It has absolutely peed with rain today and yesterday and the winds have been so strong that we woke up this morning with all the plants of our kitchen windowsill in the kitchen sink and our loft hatch open. It was a tad breezy! All the plants were fine thankfully although we did closely inspect our oak bonsai and have decided its not just sleeping. We'll do the burial tomorrow at the allotment if the weather is kind enough to let us go down.
I've been working on a new swap at the moment. This time its an favourite animal swap and I'm making my partner items on the theme of butterflies, lemurs and lions :) I've so far made a lemur card, butterfly earrings, a lion necklace and have a butterfly postcard that I will make into a little notebook. I need to search on the internet later and look for some lemurs as the picture I drew on the card came from one of our art books at work and that took some tracking down. Its a crowned lemur and looks quite cute. A bit like a meercat.
I've also got some yellow felt and some bright orange ribbon with butterflies on so I'm hoping to do something with those later.
I've also been making some bits and bobs for my shop. I've made my first pendant which I've taken piccies off but haven't got round to uploading them in the shop. I shall do that later.
I'm also reading Sherlock Holmes and thats brilliant. I'm really loving it and now fully appreciate just how good Jeremy Brett was in his portrail in the 80s. He's spot on with all the little quirky behaviour.