Friday, 28 August 2009

Olbas pastels anyone?

I'm a bit on the sickly side at the moment so hence the title. I have however finally sent of Ale's Global Village Swap! \o/ Its been by far the toughest swap I've done. I hit a total brick wall in terms of inspiration. I'm fairly chuffed with the results. The choker and Union Jack Earrings came out quite well, I even wanted to hang onto the choker myself :) I may make another one for me at some point.
Also bought some very sexy shoes to wear with my dress for my sisters wedding next month. I need to try them on the with the dress at some point to check they go, although if they don't I may have to wear them anyway :) They are patent leather with pretty big heels and three straps across the front. I think Carrie in Sex in the City would be impressed!
Crochet hat is also taking form. If I feel okay later I might do a few more rows. I've been a little addicted to a game on my DS so I've been playing with that recently. Its a children's game - Arthur and the Invisibles. Its a lot of fun though :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

In the red \o/

Horray for payday! \o/ For some reason this month has seemed especially long so I'm extremely relieved to have some cash in my account again. Probably going to Craftacular wasn't one of my wisest moves but it was really nice to see what other people are making. There were some really cute things out there, especially the sock monster (which I forgot to take a piccy off). Doh! Also some really nice jewellery. I didn't buy anything though but did find an art and crafts supply shop round the corner so stocked up on some more fimo. I also paid a visit to the Museum of Childhood Experience. That was just down the road from the hall Craftacular was being held in (in Bethnel Green) and was free admission. They had some very cool toys that bought back a lot of good memories, especially the sticklebricks. There were some stuff from childrens films too, including a robot which looked extremely familiar but I can't place my finger on where I know him from :/.
I've been working away on the multi coloured crochet hat too. Thats looking a little odd but hatlike. Its coming out a bit like one with a floppy brim rather than a pull on one, which was what I was originally planning.
I've been good with my wardrobe refashioning though and, although its been hard, I haven't slipped off the wagon yet. I'm a third of the way into my 6 month stint now and I've made a couple of things and bought about 3 things from charity shops. My most recent purchase was a couple of t-shirty tops from a charity shop in Bethnel Green. They were only 50p each and the money goes to a local charity to raise money for building a memorial for those who died in the Bethnel Green Tube Station during an incident during the 2nd World War. Everyone who was working in the shop lost family so I had no problem parting with my £1.
We've been doing more harvesting from the plot - this time onions, sweetcorn, garlic and herbs. The sweetcorn was lovely and we had it for dinner the night we got it so it was so sweet and tasty. The onions are also doing really well too. We haven't bought any for over a month and have just been using our own from the allotment.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shooting stars, crochet hats and dresses

I got back Sunday from a weekend meteor spotting and camping in Wales. We had a brilliant time and even saw some meteors on the Saturday night. They never fail to fascinate me and after a while watching them becomes almost addictive. We gave ourselves quite a stiff neck leaning back on our camping chairs to watch the sky. It was well worth every second of pain though. They just look so magical :)
We had a bit of an explore on the Saturday and I found an amazing craft shop. It looked tiny on the outside but was like an Aladin's cave inside with bits and pieces of everything you could ever want. My inner magpie was well and truly awakened and I felt quite proud of myself for only coming away with 2 balls of wool. The wool is very cool though, both are multicoloured and great for crocheting with as every stitch comes out a different colour. The first is bright pinks and greens and purples and the other is more autumny colours. I'm having a go at making a hat with the bright wool. I have no idea how its going to come out as I'm not following a pattern but its fun to do.
I've also been doing odd bits and pieces to the dress I've been making. As I'm doing it all by hand its a very long process but in spite of this I'm finding it oddly therapeutic. Its just nice to sit on the sofa with a pile of fabric on your knee while listening to some music and just sewing away. I've put a picture up of it at the moment. I've still got tons to do, mostly hemming but as its an infinity dress theres absolutely tons of hemming. Hopefully it will look cool when its finished. I mostly liked it as its such a simple pattern. I'll have to have a poke around on the internet and find the site I got it from and put up a link. I was very impressed :)
Hopefully I'm off to Craftacular this Saturday. Its a Craft Fair in London. Its my first full on Craft Fair so I'm hoping it will be good. I'm sure I'll give feedback after Saturday :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

DS Love :)

I've been really naughty and bought myself a shiny toy. I bought myself a DS Lite, a girly pink one second hand from Amazon. Its great and I have been really enjoying playing with it. Its going to be great this weekend as I'm off camping again. This time to watch meteors (hopefully if the weather doesn't let us down). I'm bringing my waterproofs just in case.
I finished reading PS I love you. Not bad, not brilliant though but I really enjoyed the lightness of it and I'm pleased it ended the way it did. I'm reading a Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon now and its great. I love his humour and little observations about life.
I'm also suffering a bad case of crafters block again. Why is making stuff relating to England/St Albans so tough?? My brains cells have just fallen asleep. Thankfully I'm nearly done so I just need one or two bits and I can send it. I sent Ale (who's my partner in this swap) a message to let her know the situation but I'll be quite relieved when I'm done. I've also signed up for another two swaps. I think I've developed a swap addiction as I can't seem to help myself. They're good fun though (until you hit a block) and I love making things for other people :) The two new ones I've signed up to are a Dino one and a Zodiac one.
I've been really short on funds this month. I've no idea where it goes but for some reason this month its gone quicker than normal. Its not even the DS's fault as that was bought from savings and the remains of a voucher so it wasn't coming out of my normal bank account. Nevermind nothing to expensive coming up and thankfully I do have savings if the worse comes to the worse I can dip into that. I'm quite pleased I paid attention to Alvin Hall all those years ago when he was on telly and do try and save a tenth of my wages. I also put about the same amount into my pension (which he also recommends) and I follow Martins' Money Tips, which are very good.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

How much rain!?!?

Been working some more on my pink dress and did a bit of the hemming at the bottom. Its actually coming out quite well which is a surprise. I haven't done any proper sewing for years and I'm not using a sewing machine. Hopefully it will carry on well and I'll have a nice pink dress at the end of this :)
Also got a couple of swaps \o/ My one from Ale in Mexico, that was the Global Village swap which I'm still struggling with my end off and the other was from Miss Dee in Oz and that was the New Age Swap. They both sent really amazing stuff and it was like my birthday having so many things to unwrap :). I also got my order from beads unlimited and that was great. Loads more beads to play with plus some more fimo (sparkly green), some charms and some other bits and bobs for making jewellery. To add to all this fun I also got the DS Lite that I'd ordered second hand today so parcel wise its been an amazing week. I love getting cool things in the post, I don't mind what it is so long as its not a bill or doctors letter or anything boring
The DS looks cool and I've wanted one for ages. Its a girly pink one :) I just need to get myself a game or two but I might pay blockbusters a visit tomorrow and try something out.
I've also been learning how to crochet. I've finally got the hang of it (with a bit of help from a couple of the ladies on CO&K) and have crocheted a few little square for practice and to prove to myself that the first one wasn't fluke! They look really cool. Just like real crochet!!! I'm going to have to hunt now for a pattern, something simple though to start me off.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

English Summer Rain

Getting back to work on my pink dress made from a sheet. I've nearly finished the dress made from 2 t-shirts but I don't think that's going to ever see the light of day :( A bit of a FAIL, probably cutting of the sleeves wasn't such a good idea but you live and learn. I haven't given up on it totally yet and it will still make an appearance at bedtime as its a great night dress. Very comfy and a good length for bedtime.
Finished all off my bits and bobs for the latest swap on CO&K. This ones the Recycle swap. So far Ginger is getting:
* Pink Card Holder made from a chewing gum package
* A Necklace made from an old coaster plus some beads from a charity shop
* A Bookmark made from the card used in the packaging for a pair of legwarmers
* Pretty Earrings made from beads bought at a charity shop (the black ones were a real find as they were just loose at the bottom of a basket of odds and ends.
I've also bought a couple of Hello Kitty bits (as she's a fan) and some pirate stickers :)
I've really enjoyed making the stuff for this swap. I'm a bit of a recycler anyway so it wasn't too tricky.
I'm having more trouble with the Global Village Swap, where all my crafted items should relate to where I live. I've done a good bit of searching in both the museums in St Albans and bought some postcards and a little notepad and pencil. I thought they'd supplement whatever I made but that bits been much harder. I'm making some recipe cards for English meals e.g. English Breakfast. I'm also making a coaster (like the Capricorn one) with English items on it.
I might try making a union jack purse or something like this, not sure yet :/
I had a good day yesterday. I went around St Albans museum. In all the time I've lived here I can't believe I've never been. I really enjoyed it, especially the wartime exhibition they have on now. I also found out that Louis Wain, who I love, spent the last 7 years of his life in Napsbury Hospital. I had no idea. Apparently they are having an exhibition of his work September/October time. I will be there. I bought a couple of postcards of the work he did in Napsbury which I shall pin up somewhere.