Sunday, 27 December 2009

Todays Adventures

Spent today in Corfe. We travelled down on the steam train and it was really enjoyable. The train was extremely comfy, way better than any modern train, properly springy seats and separate little compartments with a table each. I thought we might end up at Hogwarts :)
When we arrived we had a yummy, cream tea with clotted cream and strawberry jam :P I could feel my arteries hardening but I didn't care as it was scrummy. We then went for a wander around Corfe Castle in an attempt to burn off the cream. Although we go to the castle every time we visit, we still enjoy the walk around and are always amazed at well in tact it is considering how old and how many wars its survived.
Yesterday was cool too. We started the day in Dorchester and v nearly got caught in a hail storm and then took a drive to Cerne Abbis to see the giant in the hillside. It took a while negotiating our way up the hill as it had rained so much the mud was like a paste, but we kind of got a view and he was very impressive. You'll also be pleased to know that he was unaffected by all the cold weather :D

Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Friday :)

Continued our tradition of not celebrating Christmas but starting the day with a spot of malt loaf and a walk to Durlston Country Park. The weather was lovely and although the ground was a bit on the muddy side we enjoyed the views out to sea and seeing how the restoration work is going. Stopped to watch a robin for ages and almost tempted him over a couple of times with raisins but unfortunately several loud groups scared him away both times.
Did some food shopping yesterday so probably going to have a yummy vegi stew for dinner tonight.
My family still celebrate Christmas so I bought them all pressies and got pressies back from them. We opened them the day before driving down though and got some great gifts. I'm wearing my knitted, fleecy slippers right now and they have been worn pretty much constantly since I got them. They're great and so cosy :)
I'm finally getting into White Fang now, although its a pretty dark story. Its the tale of a wolf cub and his mother and, although its beautifully written, they go though some pretty tough times and he nearly dies a few times either through starvation or at the hands of another animal. I've just reached the bit in the book where he's now living in a native American reservation and he's having to learn how to be part of a big pack.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Had the most enormously long and tiring journey yesterday to Dorset. The snow just ground everything in the London area to a complete standstill so we ended up sitting in the services at Fleet for about 4 hours as there was no point going back on the roads just to sit in traffic.
Finally arrived at our destination at 2.15 in the morning feeling tired but a bit too wired from all the coffee on route. It was so great to lay in bed though and uncrinkle my back :)
Today much better though. After an huge lay in we went into town for a yummy lunch and to pick up some food. We also sat by the sea feeding a couple of ravens raisins. They were beautiful looking and had the funniest hop/walk. I did try and take a few piccies but unfortunately Windows isn't playing ball at the moment so I can't get any of my pictures of my phone :/
Plans for this evening include nothing, probably an epic spod and some nethack :) Possibly a bit of White Fang later too but I haven't got properly into it yet so not sure. It was also a bit close to home last night with all the snow. We bought blankets, water and munch though so we would have been okay.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Almost done.....

Had a mad card making panic yesterday as I realised after today I wouldn't see any of my work colleagues until after Christmas. Made all of them and got up today to see a whole ton of snow and couldn't get in - Arse! Snowfail! I was nice staying in bed though and wrapping up nice and warm.
I still managed to post a few cards and 3 Christmas pressies though so not a complete FAIL. :)
I still have 3 to post off so I'll get onto that early tomorrow. Apparently there is sunshine tomorrow!
Got well and truly stuck into White Fang. That's a thoroughly dark read. Good though.
Also signed up for another 6 months of the Wardrobe Refashion. I must do a bit more refashioning this time round though. I think I only made about 3 items in the last 6 months. Ooops.
I've been a little bit of a slow crafter too over the last few months. I'm almost done with the animals swap. Thats taking way longer than planned. Bloody Christmas got in the way! Ho hum.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Brrrrr +1

V Brrrr today. We had our first snow of this winter and even though it turned to rain pretty soon after it stayed really cold all day.
Making some more date & walnut rolls tonight. First for a long while but we've run out of bread and I'm extremely low on funds at the mo so I thought why pay someone to make it for me when I have all the bits to make it myself. I need to pick up some more wholemeal strong flour though as I've now used up all of mine. I also need some more yeast as I'm down to my last little packet.
Regarding the last post about my yummy veg stew, I found that my boyfriend had taken a piccie so I thought I'll pinch his and show you all that. The plates and bowls are made by him during his pottery classes and the stew is my handywork. I think Kingsmill may have made the bread. To check out his photos follow this link :)
I've also been reading away and have finished Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde the other day. That was completely different to what I was expecting but still pretty enjoyable. Not as good as Sherlock or some of the other classics of this type. Frankenstein was amazing and Dracula is one of my favourite books. I'm now reading White Fang, which other than knowing its got a wolf in it, I knew nothing at all about it.
Apparently 8 shopping days to Christmas. Thankfully I have done all my shopping, although I'm still waiting for one to turn up by post so I can wrap it and repost it out. I've managed to make a few of my christmasy bits. I've made all my gift tags, some of my cards and some bits and bobs for pressies.
I'd like to have a go at making more next year but may have to start making about September time.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Yummy Vegi Stew Weather :)

As you can probably gather by the title, I like this time of year as its the time you can sitting in all your woolly clothes eating nice, tasty vegi stews. I made a lovely one Wednesday using some of the veg I picked up at the market at the end of the day. They were selling off bags of assorted veg for £2 which had a cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash, tons of carrots, tons of potatoes and a few parsnips in it. Very good value for money :)
I made the stew using a couple of parsnips, about 3 carrots, about 4 potatoes, a couple onions, a pint of veg stock, a handful of red lentils, a handful of soupmix and a handful of pearl barley. You just chop the onion finely and fry for a few mins and then throw in the rest of the veg (chopped into bitesized bits) and the stock and other bits and bobs, bung on a lid and cook for about 30 or 40 mins. We had it with lots of brown bread and butter :P It was so yummy and we even had some left over for the next night's dinner too. I'll make another one next week and post a piccie or two.
I've been spending this week wrapping pressies for xmas so that I can parcel them up to send out to family. A bit fiddly but going okay so far. I've also started writing some of my homemade xmas cards but realised I haven't made anywhere near enough so I'm going to be doing lots of stamping tonight.
I got tons of bananas on Wednesday from the market too so I'm thinking of making some flapjacks tonight or tomorrow. I make mine without sugar and use Splender, honey and mashed bananas instead. I also use marg as a replacement for butter. I'll post a recipe for those too when I get round to making some.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

New stuff in my shop

Just a brief post today as I've been a bit of a slack blogger of late and I'm trying to remember to post things regularly again.
Just thought I'd share with the world some of my wierd and wonderful creations. I've been crocheting some odd new bracelets for the shop using mohair wool and pony beads. They're a bit odd but I think I like them so I've stuck them up online and I'll see what happens. I figure the worse that can happen is they don't sell, but no harm done.
I've been trying to get back my card making mojo. I haven't made any bday cards for ages and I've forgotten how I used to make them. I've made all my xmas cards for this year so I'll get writing them soonish and posting them. I got my first one though the post the other day but it wasn't signed. A little curious as it had long message inside with lots of personal stuff. I think I have an idea who it is so I'll have to hold my hands up and send an email asking.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Its a bit on the cold side at the mo so I've got the heating on full blast and considering a nice cup of chai to keep my fingers from freezing to the keys.
Went to Leeds Castle on Thursday for the first time. Its an amazing castle, extremely cool. It absolutely peed with rain for most of the day but that didn't stop us having a good look around the castle, having a lovely cream tea in the restaurant and visiting the gift shop.
Sold some of my earrings at the craft fair I was at the other week :) I was extremely chuffed about this. Its a great feeling seeing someone wearing something that you made. I sold 2 pairs of rainbow drop earrings and my lavender star ones.
I've also stunned myself as I've been very organised and now finished all of my Christmas shopping. I pretty much stayed in budget which was good and have even bought my Secret Santa pressie for work. I just need to wrap everything and post them.
I've also been crafting away making things for the favourite animal swap. I need to get a move on though as I thought I'd be finished by now but I've been a bit stumped by the idea of making a lion and something lemury. My swap partner likes both. I've made quite a few butterfly related bits and bobs and thats been pretty easy. I hope she likes what I've made. She's making butterfly, bat and cat related stuff for me. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. The bat Kiddo made for me in one of the other swaps lives by my bed :)