Monday, 30 August 2010

Button Moon

I've been playing round with the idea of getting a stall at a local Craft Fair. This has got me thinking about what else I can sell and also how I can best display my stock. As a result I've been making buttons from Fimo to add to my stock of bits and bobs. I've also been creating a clothes line from wire, card and felt with the idea that I can thread ribbon across it and hang cut outs of clothes with my earrings attached. I've even bought some tiny clothes pegs and have the washing line posts drying. I'll post some pics when I've got something working.
I was also thinking of buying some cheap mug trees to hang necklaces from. I'd also need a cheap mirror and a couple of chairs. Hmmmmm... this is going to need some thought but it might be doable. I also found some really cool DIY displays off this jewellery business blog. The displays are essentially low, off centre cones which you can display necklaces and bracelets on. Its a really idea and very low cost. It also wouldn't take a huge amount of skill to make :)


  1. I invited you to the "I LOVE" game.Come and join the fun! :)