Thursday, 20 January 2011

I've Died and Gone to Beading Heaven :)

All the goodies I won in the competition on CO&K arrived today at work and I'm so excited. I normally get most of my jewellery making stuff second hand and have learnt most of what I know about making jewellery from taking apart old or broken jewellery so having some brand new and proper jewellery making things is about as exciting as it gets! Its even come with instructions on some items I can make with my new stuff. Here's some piccies of my new stash :)

Now I'm off to play :)


  1. That's awesome kitkat! Lucky lucky!

  2. hellyeah cant wait for the new stuff

  3. Hi kitkat! Thanks for visitng my blog! And congrats on the awesome bead stash win, how exiting! :)