Friday, 6 May 2011

Feeling Green (in a good way) :)

I've been feeling so chuffed this evening - our local Green Party candidate won a place in yesterdays elections and now has a place on the council \o/ I've voted Green for as long as I could vote (nearly 20 years) and it used to niggle me when people used to say 'its a wasted vote' and 'why bother'. It may have taken a little time but it definitely wasn't a waste. Well done to St Albans Green Party for all their hard work :)

I'm also feeling extra happy as I got my yearly butterfly fix today. I went to see the latest developments at Butterfly World and got to see some of the most beautiful butterflies. I always think there's something really magical about butterflies. They are all so beautiful and delicate. I took tons of pics so here's a few of my favourites.

I could have kicked myself on the way back - I'd seen that there was an Atlas moth about but looked all over for him/her and saw no sign of it. If you're not familiar with them, I think they're the biggest butterfly - about the size of a horse (well, maybe a slight exaggeration!) - After leaving with no sightings I found out it was on the ceiling the whole time. I should have looked up! Doh!

Finally, on the subject of butterflies, I also finished another painting. I'm not totally satisfied with it - the butterflies feel a bit flat :/. I may go back and tweak it later but here it is in its current form.

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