Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bead Soup

I've been feeling a little uninspired of late and have barely touched my beads or other crafty bits and bobs :( I think the meh weather has something to do with it. Plus I got a non-cultivation notice from our local council saying that we had failed to cultivate the minimum of 50% of our plot!!! I was not impressed and have emailed them to tell them exactly what we have grown so far and what we have happening on our plot. I was a tad cheesed off to put things mildly.

Anyway, I have signed up to the Bead Soup beading challenge on Folksy in aid of Breast Cancer Research. About 30 of us have signed up and we were each allocated a partner by the organiser, Putting on the Charms. We then picked out 10 pink beads and 2 feature beads and sent them on to our partner. The challenge was to make one or more jewellery items to sell and raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Here are the beads I received from my partner :)

They were sent to me by Shabby Cottage Corner and were made from the beautiful and vibrant, pink Jade. The goal is to make our items ready for a grand revealing on Friday 26th August.

I've created a necklace and earrings all ready to post piccies of on Friday. I was going to post a pic or two here but then decided it would more fun to hold off a few more days till Friday :) I can't wait to see what others have created. I'm hoping it will get my inspiration nicely fired up again ready for the dreaded winter holiday that can not be named ;)


  1. oooh, theyre lovely!

    cant wait to see what youve done with them :o)

    i just hope the weather is good enough for me to finish and photograph mine tonight! :oO


  2. Lovely beads - and well done for holding off with the photos. Looking forward to seeing what you have made - and hope you are all inspired once again!!

    Marie x