Monday, 27 July 2009

Old to New

Had a productive and crafty evening yesterday making a few things for the recycle swap I am in on CO&K. Made some earrings, a necklace and a bookmark. So far I have used an old coaster, some stray beads that came from charity shops and the card that held new legwarmers on. Lots of recycling :), just need to come up with a few more bits and pieces. Bought a hello kitty mirror and some hello kitty patches to as my swap partner is a hello kitty fan and I only need to use a minimum of 5 recycled items so new is okay so long as there is plenty thats not.
Also been back down the plot today and harvested tons of onions :) They're looking brilliant but were covered in weeds so I did a spot of weeding too. Thought I was being really clever using my kneeling mat and moving myself around the plot. Then I stood up and realised I was totally covered in mud!! Came back home and got straight in the shower and jeans have gone in the wash. The sweetcorn also looked pretty good and so did the parsnips. The lavender has also grown tons too and the bees were going crazy all over it. Last years leeks were also looking pretty as we left those that we didn't eat to flower. The flowers are lovely balls of mauve and light blue flowers. The bees were enjoying those too :).
Got a whole bundle of friendship books in the post a couple of days ago so I've been filling those in today too. A few on them will be going back out in the post tomorrow. They look exceptionally cool. Its amazing to see how people have taken the idea and created something really individual and creative.
Also started reading P.S I love you last week. I fancied something light and its hitting the spot. I'm already half way though it. I've even been reading it the last few nights in the bath.

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