Saturday, 4 July 2009

Totally Batty

I got my swap goodies in the post yesterday from Kiddo :) I love them, especially the little bat which is very cute. I'm so glad I found Cut Out and Keep and the swaps have been really good fun and I have met some cool people online from all over the world.
I'll post my swap stuff to Kiddo Monday. I've got everything done, I just need to get myself a decent sized jiffy bag and get to the post office.
I hope she likes my stuff as much.
I've decided its time again to have a bit of a clear out of clutter. I also need to find a better way to organise my craft stuff, especially my jewellery making bits and pieces :/. It seems to have expanded over the last couple of months and be getting everywhere!
I also want to investigate the sewing machine this weekend. I've totally forgotten how to thread it so when I try it just snags and breaks. Maybe if I look online I'll find something. If not get my bf to have a look. He's very practical and seems to have no problems using it when he needs it.
Still really hot and muggy. Its cooled a little bit today so I'm hoping for a bit of rain. We had an amazing thunder storm last weekend which ended up with us having no power for 15 hours. Apart from the food shopping turning up (which had loads of fridge and freezer bits) it was quite cool. Thankfully everything survived okay. It was just a pain having a cold shower. I didn't realise our heating is partly electric.

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