Wednesday, 29 June 2011

All Go in Katland

I've been really busy just lately, not just with crafting and gardening, but also in the day job. I have however, had time though to set myself up a new art shop on Folksy as I'm hoping to put some of my art work up there. So far I've made a profile, banner and listed one pic. If you want to take a peak its here at Woodle Doodle Dandy Art.

This is the first picture I decided to list:

I'd been thinking of selling my art for a while and then after a rush of blood to the head last week I took the plunge. I figured there was next to nothing to loose, only 20p listing fee with folksy. Its a bit scarier than selling jewellery though as my art has always been much more personal. I've had an account on Deviant Art though for long time now and have good feedback so I figured it was worth a try :)

I've also been reading loads and finished 'We are all made of glue' by Marina Lewycka. She also wrote 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian' and 'Two Caravans', which I loved and 'We are all made of Glue' was every bit as good. I'm now reading some more Sherlock Holmes and have finished 'The Scarlet Study' and I'm now reading 'The Sign of Four'. Wonderful reading! I'm going to be sorry when I run out of Sherlock books to read so I'm trying to pace myself so I don't run out too quick :)

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