Sunday, 19 June 2011

Green Fingers

Its been a tad on the wet side the last few weekends so today we got down the plot early. It was a bit on the overgrown side but, thanks to all the rain, the weeds just slipped out with barely any effort. The courgettes have already started flowering and there's a teeny weeny courgette coming. Obviously if we blink it will be a marrow! That seems to be how courgettes grow.

The onions are also looking good so they should be ready in a few weeks. Also the herbs have grown tons and the oregano seems to have completely taken over one corner. We use tons so that's fine. We've had a few casualties though. The garlic didn't appear at all and we may have lost a few sweetcorn. The lettuces are looking good though :)

Also the tomatoes and chillies I've been growing at home are looking really good too so it won't be long before they are providing us with some meals. We've already been eating some of the raspberries and they were delicious. They were nice and ripe so that they just dissolved in your mouth when you eat them.

Its been a particularly good year for the pound shop produce. I think everything came to us from either the pound shop or the 99p shop so its been a very cheap bit of gardening :)

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  1. I've had a great year with the pound shop produce too. Those packs with about 6 mini packets inside. We've got too many seedlings to put in the ground. I don't know what to do with them all.