Friday, 4 September 2009

Purple Stripy One Strikes Again \o/

At uni one of my nicknames was the Purple Stripy One. This was largely due to the big, purple, stripy jumper I used to wear most of the time. I was also a fan of stripy tights and had a couple of purple ones and they got worn a fair bit too. That however was some time ago. Purple stripiness has now reentered my life in the form of a new, mum-knitted, purple stripy hat :) Its very cool and will come in very handy for when the weather gets properly cold.
My multi-coloured, crochet hat is also coming on pretty well. I really need to get on and finish this, especially as it is so close now.
I've been working on a new swap the last few days. This time a zodiac themed swap where I'm crafting for a Capricorn again. I've got some ideas on the go and a nice piece of turquoise, which is apparently her birthstone, but its proving a real bugger to work into anything. This is largley due to its shape. Its kind of flat and wavy so isn't going easily into any necklace/pendant design so I'm thinking of getting some strong glue and making it into a ring. That means finding some ring bases though and I'm not sure there's anywhere nearby that sells those. Hmmmm.......
Off to my sisters wedding next weekend so need to sew the straps on the dress I bought a few months back for the occasion. Its really nice, an ivory colour with green, teal and orangy coloured circles all over it. It had really badly placed straps when I bought it though so I've moved those so it will be halter necked. The weather has been a bit nippy though so I hope I'm going to be warm enough in it :/ If not I do have a back up dress. A black one with bright orange swirly-circly things all over. I wore that to our staff Christmas dinner last year and its really comfortable and nice. I'll have to try the originally planned dress on and see how it feels.
My mobile contract was also up for renewal this month so I have a shiny new phone with cool camera. Its the new Nokia one with 5 mega pixal camera (not sure what that means but its apparently pretty good). I went to the new Butterfly World/Future Gardens place today and saw some amazingly beautiful butterflies so gave my new camera a bit of a test out. If I wasn't at work I could quite easily have stayed there all day watching the butterflies do their thing. They looked absolutely magical and so graceful. I hopefully got a few good pics so they will be posted online as soon as I can work out how to do that :)

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