Friday, 28 August 2009

Olbas pastels anyone?

I'm a bit on the sickly side at the moment so hence the title. I have however finally sent of Ale's Global Village Swap! \o/ Its been by far the toughest swap I've done. I hit a total brick wall in terms of inspiration. I'm fairly chuffed with the results. The choker and Union Jack Earrings came out quite well, I even wanted to hang onto the choker myself :) I may make another one for me at some point.
Also bought some very sexy shoes to wear with my dress for my sisters wedding next month. I need to try them on the with the dress at some point to check they go, although if they don't I may have to wear them anyway :) They are patent leather with pretty big heels and three straps across the front. I think Carrie in Sex in the City would be impressed!
Crochet hat is also taking form. If I feel okay later I might do a few more rows. I've been a little addicted to a game on my DS so I've been playing with that recently. Its a children's game - Arthur and the Invisibles. Its a lot of fun though :)

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