Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hello 2010 :)

Been enjoying one of my favourite pass times this bank holiday weekend - napping. Hugely underrated. Reasons they are great:
1. They are free of charge
2. Require very little planning
3. Can last as long as you like
4. They don't use any power so are very energy efficient :)
5. They don't contain any chemicals or additives
6. You feel better for having them
I've also found my arty mojo over the last week and have created an account with I've been sketching and painting. I've also been having a play around on which is basically an online collection of pictures that you can play around with an create sets or montage like pictures. I've made a few including the self portrait I've posted here. Its great fun and completely mess free.
I've also been enjoying my Christmas presents. I have barely taken my slippers off, the money got spent in yesterdays sales and the butterfly book is amazing. It mostly enormous pictures of butterflies from all over the world and it is just beautiful to look through.
I also finished White Fang last night and, after taking forever to get into, I think I'm actually going to miss White Fang. It had a lovely ending and I'm now reading another by Jack London, Call of the Wild.
I've also signed up for another 6 months of Wardrobe Refashioning. You will be pleased to learn though that I didn't fall off the wagon with the sales. I only bought undies which is okay.

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