Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Living inside a Snowglobe

Yesterday evening and all of today has been very snowy with lots of people getting snowdays. Unfortunately I have a day off anyway and you can't claim back snowdays :( It would be cool if you could.
Been spending today having a little move around of our living room. Even though it was workable before it was never quite the way we wanted it and the sofa was barely being used. In fact the room wasn't getting much use generally. I use if for crafting in, massaging and doing yoga but the kitchen and bedroom have taken over in terms of sitting spaces so we wanted to reclaim the living room again for that. Especially as all our music and our best seating is in that room.
I've been checking storage spaces and trying to make better use of them. The biggest problem seems to be my craft stuff and our camping gear. I've managed to find new homes for our tent, ground sheets and sleeping mats and sleeping bags but there is still a whole load of assorted stuff about that is hard to define or rehouse. I'll have a look on the unclutterer website later for some ideas. It wasn't playing ball earlier and kept crashing but I think that might have been my computer.

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