Saturday, 10 October 2009

Charity Shopping

I had a nice day out today strolling round some of the local charity shops. I picked up a really nice jumper from Oxfam for £4.99. Its has purple and light blue stripes - very nice and I'm wearing now. I also got a mini sewing kit for 15p which had a needle threader which is what I was after as I broke the last one and probably the one before that too.
I also found a knitting shop which I didn't know was there :). I got myself a crochet book as I'm considering trying to follow a pattern. The one I got has some clothes in but some really simple projects too like a couple of scarfs and about 3 bags so I might give one of those a go when I finish my scarf.
I also finally got round to parcelling up my dinosaur swap for Ashley. I was holding back for a little bit to see if I heard from her. No joy as yet but she's apparently just become a mum again for the 3rd time so I don't mind taking a bit of a risk. I'll send it out Monday and hopefully she'll receive it and it might remind her of CO&K.
I've had some money for my birthday so I've been spending a bit of that on new bits for my DS. I bought the Lego Indiana Jones game and the 100 Classic Books. I'm currently reading The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgeson Burnett. Even though I've seen the film a few times I'm loving the book. I thought at first that reading a book through the DS would be tricky but it actually works well. I love the fact that you can flip over the page using the touch screen. You also use bookmarks to mark your page. Its very easy to use and actually makes reading a bit easier as there are less words to a page so you feel like your flipping through pages at a pace of knots which is pretty satisfying. Also 100 books for £15 - not bad value. I can't see myself reading Shakespear but you never know.

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