Friday, 2 October 2009

Win Win Win \o/

I'm pretty chuffed with myself as I have won 2 tickets to a craft event on my birthday \o/. I enter a lot of the free giveaways in some of the crafty magazines and the other week I found out I'd won these tickets. I was a bit sceptical as I couldn't remember entering this giveaway but the tickets turned up the other day and sure enough they are real :). The tickets are for the Knitting & Stitching Show 2009.
Even cooler still.... my ticket for Peter Murphy (who I'm going to see play live on my birthday) turned up yesterday too :) That should be very cool as he's advertised as playing Bauhaus stuff as well as his solo stuff. I can't wait!
I've finished my dinosaur swap bits and bobs but I've been a bit on the slow side getting it sent out. Ashley, who's my partner for this swap has just had her 3rd baby so I should imagine she has her hands pretty full at the moment so probably isn't too worried. I'll get it sent Wednesday. I hope she likes what I've made. I've made dinosaur earrings, a dinosaur keyring (I think its a triceratops), lizard necklace, bookmark and some stickers. I'm sure I made something else too but can't remember. I'll take some piccies before sending and post them later. The earrings and keyring were pretty fiddly to make - threading a jump ring through the tiny holes I'd made in the dinosaurs were pretty tough.
We've been harvesting more from the plot - some parsnips this time. They're a little small so could probably do with a bit longer in the ground but they look pretty good. We've also been given a beetroot and some kale to try. I've never had either (other than pickled beetroot) so I'm looking forward to trying them :)
I've also started on my crochet scarf from the other ball of multi coloured wool. The colours are more autumnal so it won't be as loud as the hat but hopefully it will turn out well. At least its easier.

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