Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Vote Peter Murphy for Prime Minister!

I was my birthday at the weekend and I had an amazing day. We went out during the day to a Craft Fair in Alexandra Palace which I had won free tickets for. I bought a few bits and bobs, mainly jewellery making stuff so I can make more stuff to sell on my Dewanda shop plus some cool wool and got a free sewing magazine :)
In the evening I had the most amazing time as I went to see Peter Murphy at IndigO2 in London. He was absolutely amazing. I can't believe I have liked him and Bauhaus about 20 years and never seen him live. I've seen tons of bands play live over the years but without doubt he wiped the floor with the lot of them. I got on the front row which was a good start and he played for about 2 hours. He was one of the most entertaining performers I have ever seen and he was so engaging and talked constantly to the audience and really seemed to be playing for us. He answered questions, talked about his songs, played my favourite \o/ did some Bauhaus stuff, some covers (brilliant cover of Space Oddity) and was very witty.

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