Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New stuff in my shop!!!

I've been busy the last week making some more bits and bobs for my shop and I have a few bits on order so I can keep up the making momentum :) To take a look check out the link on the right hand side for Woodle Doodle Dandy (thats the name of my shop) and feel free to let me know what you think.
I've also signed up to a new swap as I'm not in any at the mo and I do enjoy making for someone else. It usually inspires me. This time I'm making around the theme of favourite animals and my partner likes Butterflies (like me), Lemurs and Lions. These should be good to make things round and I've already got some ideas around Lions.
Its now officially the end of summer and the clocks went back on Sunday night. This means its nice and light when I head out in the morning but gets darker much earlier. Still getting my head around just how dark it is at 5 when I leave work.
I had a great time yesterday spending my birthday vouchers for Lush and came away with lots of nice smellies and smell all nice now from my shower. I love Lush. Not only do their things smell lovely and help the planet but they are so cost effective. They cost a little more initially but I usually ask for their stuff for birthdays and Christmas, so I don't feel it too much on the purse and they last for ages. I started using their shampoo/conditioner bars, which are like bars of soap, and one bar (costing about £5) last about 4 or 5 months. The only thing you need to get used to is that they don't foam up in your hair like other shampoo but this means they wash out much easier and don't leave residue in your hair so it doesn't need washing as often. I love them and can't rave about them enough.
I also finished A Secret Garden yesterday. It was beautiful and had such a nice ending. I've now started the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and have already read the first story and I'm half way through the second. Although I always loved Jeremy Bretts' portrayal of Sherlock Holmes back in the 80s its only now, reading the book, that I realise just how spot on it was. The expressions and expressions are exactly as he played them.
I've also finally got round to sewing the Winter Pansy seeds. I've started them off on the window sill and I'm hoping they get warm enough to germinate. I might move them to a warmer spot if it doesn't look like much is going on. Unfortunately my Cyclamin isn't looking too healthy. I've only had it a few months and was warned that, as indoor plants go, they are pretty fussy. I don't know what they're lacking in but I've moved it to a window sill it was looking a bit stringy and yellow in places.


  1. I love a secret garden, I enjoyed the movie too.

    your cat scared me a bit at first, lol

  2. You can mute him. Just wave your mouse over the screen and its on the bottom left. He does settle down pretty quickly and go to sleep :)