Monday, 8 June 2009

Crafters Block

I seem to have it a bit of a creative block the last few days :/. After rushing around making all the bits for the swap I'm in I've somehow mislaid my crafting mojo. I've been having a look around at other blogs to getting my brain working so just starting to get a few seeds of ideas. Watch this space :)
On the plus side, I got my Goody Bag from the swap I've been involved in \o/. I was so chuffed today when it arrived. Loads of stuff including a really beautiful ring and some lovely earrings. All very me :) The bag was also exceptionally cute and had a big bat on it ^^. It looks a good size for taking on holiday with my toiletries in. I like to have a cool bag to take to the shower block :). I hope she likes all the bits I made for her.

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