Monday, 22 June 2009

Summer Solstice

Came back yesterday evening after a brief camping trip so we could see sunrise on the Solstice at Stone Henge. We got there about 2.30am and the place was rammed! We tried to get closer to the stones but we had no chance. As it got closer to sunrise though we found a good spot and settled back to watch the planet do its thing. A lot of people seemed to go around 4ish (mostly the drunken teens) so it got a lot more chilled. Sunrise was a bit cloudy but exceptionally cool. Its not often you stop and just look around you and really think about how amazing our planet is. As we were watching the sun come up I couldn't help but think 'we are watching our planet turning'. The mix of people there was just amazing. So diverse, every nationality, age, faith, you name it.
Around 5ish we were able to move closer and got to walk among the stones. This was the most amazing thing. You don't fully comprehend from pictures just how enormous the stones are. They're massive!! And for the first time in years you could get up close and touch them. It was like putting you through the looking glass and touching another time. Absolutely magical. A few druids amongst the stones which I was pleased about. It sort of feels like their day so I didn't like to think that they were pushed out by the 'festival goers' in the crowd.
A truly amazing experience and I will be posting pictures on flickr shortly so they'll be up to see soon.

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