Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Just polished of a bowl of ice cream with yummy, alcoholic, raspberry jam :P. Also baked another batch of date and walnut rolls :). Its been a bit of a foody few hours.
Also, finally finished the crafty bits I have been making for the swap. Its all parcelled up now so off to the post office tomorrow. I hope she likes what I've made. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that she does.
Treated myself to a sewing magazine today so I'm thinking of having a go at making myself a top from scratch. There's a nice pattern in the magazine and I've got quite a bit of fabric so maybe at the weekend I'll give it a go. Also picked up a cheap book on jewellery making from Oxfam bookshop too and a crochet hook. I need to find myself a good tutorial online though as I've totally forgotten how you get started with crochet! :/ I've stalled a bit on the scarf I was knitting. I think its probably because the weathers warmed up. Its not really scarf weather now.
Also got myself a very cheap doily to try out a t-shirt idea from CO&K. You use the doily as a stencil and spray a light mist of bleach over it and it should leave a really cool pattern behind. I think I'd better put on something I don't mind bleaching and be careful about where I try this out. I don't want to accidently bleach the carpet and everything else.

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