Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hot and sticky

Another baking hot day today! Had a bit of a potter round town and picked up a few bits of the bits I needed to make flapjacks. Then did a bit of baking :) The flapjacks have come out really well and are really tasty. I'll post a pic at some point if I remember.
The person in the US who I was doing the craft swap with has got her bits and pieces that I made her and really loves them. I'm so chuffed. She took a picture of the bits I made her so I took a copy to post here. I hope you don't mind Sugar :)I forgot to photograph all the bits before posting them. I only thought of it after I'd come back from the post office. Doh! I really enjoyed making them and it was nice making for someone else. I'm joining another couple of swaps soon. One with newbies and vetrans and one 'new age' themed one.

Should hopefully be heading down the allotment in a bit. We haven't been down for a couple of weeks and the compost bin is totally choc-a-block and needs emptying!

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