Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Had the most enormously long and tiring journey yesterday to Dorset. The snow just ground everything in the London area to a complete standstill so we ended up sitting in the services at Fleet for about 4 hours as there was no point going back on the roads just to sit in traffic.
Finally arrived at our destination at 2.15 in the morning feeling tired but a bit too wired from all the coffee on route. It was so great to lay in bed though and uncrinkle my back :)
Today much better though. After an huge lay in we went into town for a yummy lunch and to pick up some food. We also sat by the sea feeding a couple of ravens raisins. They were beautiful looking and had the funniest hop/walk. I did try and take a few piccies but unfortunately Windows isn't playing ball at the moment so I can't get any of my pictures of my phone :/
Plans for this evening include nothing, probably an epic spod and some nethack :) Possibly a bit of White Fang later too but I haven't got properly into it yet so not sure. It was also a bit close to home last night with all the snow. We bought blankets, water and munch though so we would have been okay.

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