Sunday, 6 December 2009

New stuff in my shop

Just a brief post today as I've been a bit of a slack blogger of late and I'm trying to remember to post things regularly again.
Just thought I'd share with the world some of my wierd and wonderful creations. I've been crocheting some odd new bracelets for the shop using mohair wool and pony beads. They're a bit odd but I think I like them so I've stuck them up online and I'll see what happens. I figure the worse that can happen is they don't sell, but no harm done.
I've been trying to get back my card making mojo. I haven't made any bday cards for ages and I've forgotten how I used to make them. I've made all my xmas cards for this year so I'll get writing them soonish and posting them. I got my first one though the post the other day but it wasn't signed. A little curious as it had long message inside with lots of personal stuff. I think I have an idea who it is so I'll have to hold my hands up and send an email asking.

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