Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Brrrrr +1

V Brrrr today. We had our first snow of this winter and even though it turned to rain pretty soon after it stayed really cold all day.
Making some more date & walnut rolls tonight. First for a long while but we've run out of bread and I'm extremely low on funds at the mo so I thought why pay someone to make it for me when I have all the bits to make it myself. I need to pick up some more wholemeal strong flour though as I've now used up all of mine. I also need some more yeast as I'm down to my last little packet.
Regarding the last post about my yummy veg stew, I found that my boyfriend had taken a piccie so I thought I'll pinch his and show you all that. The plates and bowls are made by him during his pottery classes and the stew is my handywork. I think Kingsmill may have made the bread. To check out his photos follow this link :)
I've also been reading away and have finished Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde the other day. That was completely different to what I was expecting but still pretty enjoyable. Not as good as Sherlock or some of the other classics of this type. Frankenstein was amazing and Dracula is one of my favourite books. I'm now reading White Fang, which other than knowing its got a wolf in it, I knew nothing at all about it.
Apparently 8 shopping days to Christmas. Thankfully I have done all my shopping, although I'm still waiting for one to turn up by post so I can wrap it and repost it out. I've managed to make a few of my christmasy bits. I've made all my gift tags, some of my cards and some bits and bobs for pressies.
I'd like to have a go at making more next year but may have to start making about September time.

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