Sunday, 31 May 2009

Goodbye Telly!

We finally said fair well to the enormous TV thats been doing nothing for the last six months. Also got rid of the Freeview box too. Recycled it via Freecycle so someone came round today to take it off our hands. Its quite exciting as we now have a play around with the room and move some furniture around :) I'll post some piccies when we've come up with something we're happy with.
On that note, we can also cancel our TV license too now which we've worked out will save us about £100 a year :).
Also considering getting rid of the insurance on my mobile phone too. It's only £5 or £6 a month but I've had a look through the policy and its very tight and unfortunately doesn't cover stupidy and clumsiness, which are the most likely ways I'm going to come a cropper.
Hit a bit of a creative block today. I think its because I've got several little projects on the go which need finishing. Hmm I'll have to get down to some work later on today.

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