Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shooting stars, crochet hats and dresses

I got back Sunday from a weekend meteor spotting and camping in Wales. We had a brilliant time and even saw some meteors on the Saturday night. They never fail to fascinate me and after a while watching them becomes almost addictive. We gave ourselves quite a stiff neck leaning back on our camping chairs to watch the sky. It was well worth every second of pain though. They just look so magical :)
We had a bit of an explore on the Saturday and I found an amazing craft shop. It looked tiny on the outside but was like an Aladin's cave inside with bits and pieces of everything you could ever want. My inner magpie was well and truly awakened and I felt quite proud of myself for only coming away with 2 balls of wool. The wool is very cool though, both are multicoloured and great for crocheting with as every stitch comes out a different colour. The first is bright pinks and greens and purples and the other is more autumny colours. I'm having a go at making a hat with the bright wool. I have no idea how its going to come out as I'm not following a pattern but its fun to do.
I've also been doing odd bits and pieces to the dress I've been making. As I'm doing it all by hand its a very long process but in spite of this I'm finding it oddly therapeutic. Its just nice to sit on the sofa with a pile of fabric on your knee while listening to some music and just sewing away. I've put a picture up of it at the moment. I've still got tons to do, mostly hemming but as its an infinity dress theres absolutely tons of hemming. Hopefully it will look cool when its finished. I mostly liked it as its such a simple pattern. I'll have to have a poke around on the internet and find the site I got it from and put up a link. I was very impressed :)
Hopefully I'm off to Craftacular this Saturday. Its a Craft Fair in London. Its my first full on Craft Fair so I'm hoping it will be good. I'm sure I'll give feedback after Saturday :)

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