Saturday, 1 August 2009

English Summer Rain

Getting back to work on my pink dress made from a sheet. I've nearly finished the dress made from 2 t-shirts but I don't think that's going to ever see the light of day :( A bit of a FAIL, probably cutting of the sleeves wasn't such a good idea but you live and learn. I haven't given up on it totally yet and it will still make an appearance at bedtime as its a great night dress. Very comfy and a good length for bedtime.
Finished all off my bits and bobs for the latest swap on CO&K. This ones the Recycle swap. So far Ginger is getting:
* Pink Card Holder made from a chewing gum package
* A Necklace made from an old coaster plus some beads from a charity shop
* A Bookmark made from the card used in the packaging for a pair of legwarmers
* Pretty Earrings made from beads bought at a charity shop (the black ones were a real find as they were just loose at the bottom of a basket of odds and ends.
I've also bought a couple of Hello Kitty bits (as she's a fan) and some pirate stickers :)
I've really enjoyed making the stuff for this swap. I'm a bit of a recycler anyway so it wasn't too tricky.
I'm having more trouble with the Global Village Swap, where all my crafted items should relate to where I live. I've done a good bit of searching in both the museums in St Albans and bought some postcards and a little notepad and pencil. I thought they'd supplement whatever I made but that bits been much harder. I'm making some recipe cards for English meals e.g. English Breakfast. I'm also making a coaster (like the Capricorn one) with English items on it.
I might try making a union jack purse or something like this, not sure yet :/
I had a good day yesterday. I went around St Albans museum. In all the time I've lived here I can't believe I've never been. I really enjoyed it, especially the wartime exhibition they have on now. I also found out that Louis Wain, who I love, spent the last 7 years of his life in Napsbury Hospital. I had no idea. Apparently they are having an exhibition of his work September/October time. I will be there. I bought a couple of postcards of the work he did in Napsbury which I shall pin up somewhere.

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