Wednesday, 26 August 2009

In the red \o/

Horray for payday! \o/ For some reason this month has seemed especially long so I'm extremely relieved to have some cash in my account again. Probably going to Craftacular wasn't one of my wisest moves but it was really nice to see what other people are making. There were some really cute things out there, especially the sock monster (which I forgot to take a piccy off). Doh! Also some really nice jewellery. I didn't buy anything though but did find an art and crafts supply shop round the corner so stocked up on some more fimo. I also paid a visit to the Museum of Childhood Experience. That was just down the road from the hall Craftacular was being held in (in Bethnel Green) and was free admission. They had some very cool toys that bought back a lot of good memories, especially the sticklebricks. There were some stuff from childrens films too, including a robot which looked extremely familiar but I can't place my finger on where I know him from :/.
I've been working away on the multi coloured crochet hat too. Thats looking a little odd but hatlike. Its coming out a bit like one with a floppy brim rather than a pull on one, which was what I was originally planning.
I've been good with my wardrobe refashioning though and, although its been hard, I haven't slipped off the wagon yet. I'm a third of the way into my 6 month stint now and I've made a couple of things and bought about 3 things from charity shops. My most recent purchase was a couple of t-shirty tops from a charity shop in Bethnel Green. They were only 50p each and the money goes to a local charity to raise money for building a memorial for those who died in the Bethnel Green Tube Station during an incident during the 2nd World War. Everyone who was working in the shop lost family so I had no problem parting with my £1.
We've been doing more harvesting from the plot - this time onions, sweetcorn, garlic and herbs. The sweetcorn was lovely and we had it for dinner the night we got it so it was so sweet and tasty. The onions are also doing really well too. We haven't bought any for over a month and have just been using our own from the allotment.

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