Wednesday, 12 August 2009

DS Love :)

I've been really naughty and bought myself a shiny toy. I bought myself a DS Lite, a girly pink one second hand from Amazon. Its great and I have been really enjoying playing with it. Its going to be great this weekend as I'm off camping again. This time to watch meteors (hopefully if the weather doesn't let us down). I'm bringing my waterproofs just in case.
I finished reading PS I love you. Not bad, not brilliant though but I really enjoyed the lightness of it and I'm pleased it ended the way it did. I'm reading a Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon now and its great. I love his humour and little observations about life.
I'm also suffering a bad case of crafters block again. Why is making stuff relating to England/St Albans so tough?? My brains cells have just fallen asleep. Thankfully I'm nearly done so I just need one or two bits and I can send it. I sent Ale (who's my partner in this swap) a message to let her know the situation but I'll be quite relieved when I'm done. I've also signed up for another two swaps. I think I've developed a swap addiction as I can't seem to help myself. They're good fun though (until you hit a block) and I love making things for other people :) The two new ones I've signed up to are a Dino one and a Zodiac one.
I've been really short on funds this month. I've no idea where it goes but for some reason this month its gone quicker than normal. Its not even the DS's fault as that was bought from savings and the remains of a voucher so it wasn't coming out of my normal bank account. Nevermind nothing to expensive coming up and thankfully I do have savings if the worse comes to the worse I can dip into that. I'm quite pleased I paid attention to Alvin Hall all those years ago when he was on telly and do try and save a tenth of my wages. I also put about the same amount into my pension (which he also recommends) and I follow Martins' Money Tips, which are very good.


  1. I'm a saver too, I hate crafters block. Even I get it once in a blue moon.

    The spa swap was a total craft block out for me. But I was inspired for the zodiac swap(because I did it for you)