Thursday, 6 August 2009

How much rain!?!?

Been working some more on my pink dress and did a bit of the hemming at the bottom. Its actually coming out quite well which is a surprise. I haven't done any proper sewing for years and I'm not using a sewing machine. Hopefully it will carry on well and I'll have a nice pink dress at the end of this :)
Also got a couple of swaps \o/ My one from Ale in Mexico, that was the Global Village swap which I'm still struggling with my end off and the other was from Miss Dee in Oz and that was the New Age Swap. They both sent really amazing stuff and it was like my birthday having so many things to unwrap :). I also got my order from beads unlimited and that was great. Loads more beads to play with plus some more fimo (sparkly green), some charms and some other bits and bobs for making jewellery. To add to all this fun I also got the DS Lite that I'd ordered second hand today so parcel wise its been an amazing week. I love getting cool things in the post, I don't mind what it is so long as its not a bill or doctors letter or anything boring
The DS looks cool and I've wanted one for ages. Its a girly pink one :) I just need to get myself a game or two but I might pay blockbusters a visit tomorrow and try something out.
I've also been learning how to crochet. I've finally got the hang of it (with a bit of help from a couple of the ladies on CO&K) and have crocheted a few little square for practice and to prove to myself that the first one wasn't fluke! They look really cool. Just like real crochet!!! I'm going to have to hunt now for a pattern, something simple though to start me off.

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