Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bead, Beads, Beads

Been sorting out my beads into colours and its become an enormous job. It seemed so simple initially but then I realised I've not only got beads in every colour of the rainbow, but I've got brown, wooden beads, metal beads, clear ones, you name it. Having a break for now so I can get the feeling back in my legs again.
Uploaded a few more photos yesterday. Feel like I'm getting the hang of what makes a good picture now :) I especially liked the photos of buttercups. I love wild flowers and buttercups are lovely. I did devote a whole patch on the allotment to flowers but that hasn't gone so well :/. We had some crocuses come up earlier in the year but since then there hasn't been much going on. I planted tons of bulbs on that patch so there should be something happening. We also planted some wild flower seeds but not seen any sign of them yet. Hopefully they're just taking their time.
Really addicted to Chai Lattes at the moment. I've found a really nice powder mix at Sainsburys but I keep forgetting where it is in the store. You'd expect it to be with the teas but its not, its by the hot chocolate drinks and Horlicks.

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