Monday, 11 May 2009

Chairman of the Bored :/

I appear to have run out of potter :/ I have checked all my favourite sites, had food and started making a picture frame. May do a bit of planting. Picked up some Labelia and Sweet Pea seeds yesterday to grow on the balcony. I figure one could climb up the railings and one could trail :) Already got some sunflowers out there and some passionflower seedlings doing their thing so some company might be good for them.
Popped down the plot after W just to sit and enjoy the sun. Loads of growing going on. Also watched 3 Magpies fight over the peanuts my bf had sprinkled by the shed. It was very odd. Initially there was only one nomming the nuts and then a bit later 2 more joined him. He was not impressed and let the other 2 know about it. And rightly so :)

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