Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Been making some more date and walnut rolls :P. I've already nommed a couple with cheese for my dinner. Yummy :)
Also repotted the Catnip yesterday as its getting quite big. Its almost ready to be planted out down the allotment. We're going to have to get on a clear a space for it. The plan is that we'll have it growing at the end of the plot with some lavender. We tend to sit at the end as it gets the light. Hopefully allotment cat will like my plans :)
The Sweet Peas and Labelia are also growing well. They can go out on the balcony soon. I just need to wait for the Labelia to grow a bit more. We're already got Passionflower and Sunflowers out there so hopefully we'll have loads of colour in a month or two.

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  1. Sounds good.Must have a go at making rolls.Sods law -got quite a lot of work at the moment.It all helps with the funds for the adveture next year-quite fancy the moorish trail-morocco into spain.Sent Pat a mag.about pottery-hope he finds it interesting.x