Wednesday, 20 May 2009

More bread, less dough

I had a great day today. :) After going for a little wander around town and the market, I came home and made my first ever bread rolls. They were wholemeal and date and walnut flavoured. The recipe was my own adaptation of a recipe I had for raisin and hazelnut rolls but I just changed the fruit and nuts and used just wholemeal as opposed to a mix of wholemeal and plain flour.
We ate some tonight with cheese down the plot and they were yummy. A definite success \o/ and loads left.
The allotment was lovely this evening. So sunny and not too warm. Planted out the peas and gave everything a good water. I also had a little lay while my bf made the frame for the peas and watered. I was lovely just listening to the bees and the birds doing their thing.
I think after a productive day I have earned a nice long soak in the bath. Unfortunately baths are a bit of a vice of mine. As much as showers save energy and water, its not the same when you feel really achy and tense. You also can't put essential oils in the shower (well, not in the same way as a bath) and have just a few candles or a good book. I do try to limit myself though to one or two a week and have showers the rest of the time.

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  1. sounds like a lovely day.Must look up jose gonzalez-never heard of him.Kat you should have a look at late junction on radio 3 -they put up the play list &you can listen to it on the i player-good idea as it starts at 11.15 pm and goes on untill 1am!then i wonder why i dont sleep very well!!
    Lovethe jewellary & cards also.
    Must send you some photos of the new fence and the new plantings-i will waituntill something is in flower first.