Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busily doing nothing.....

An enjoyable day of pottering gently, spodding, gardening and making :)
Created this Blog, my first ever! Had a potter round town and bought myself a new sketch pad, with the novel selling point that the front and back cover are made from canvas so you can paint your own front and back cover. Cool :) Also picked up some more beads. I have millions already so will need to start my bead diet tomorrow.
Popped down the allotment for an hour. Did a bit of weeding so we can now see our onions. Also discovered a couple of Strawberries hidden in amongst the weeds by the raspberries. Also picked some fresh herbs for the freezer.
Also did a bit of crafting while my bf napped. I've been working on a bag for a craft swap and its turning out better than I was expecting :) I may have to make myself one when I finish.
Finishing with a last bit of spoddery and maybe a spot of nethack or drawing. Hmmm. Decisions are not my strong suit :/

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