Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hot and Steamy

Baking hot day today so slapped on loads of factor 40 and went with bf to a Steam Fair. As there was a nice breeze we decided to walk it. Its about a 40 minute walk but nice as we stopped off a a couple of the good charity shops on route and got an ice lolly at the newsagents :) Worn to a frazzle now but it was a really nice day.
Also picked up some cool beads from a couple of the charity shops. Some nice black and white, wooden ones and some pinky, purpley ones that look like glass but I suspect they're probably plastic. They catch the light really well and together they only cost me about a pound so will turn them into something at some point.
Wearing teabag earrings today which I made a few days ago. I really like them and have even listed a pair on Etsy :). I wonder if they'll sell.
Nearly finished goody bag for the swap I'm doing with someone in the US. Its my first swap and its through Cut out and Keep, which I have a link with my inspiration sites :). I hope she likes the bits I've made. I'll post a pic when everything's done. I'm planning on posting it this Wednesday.

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