Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wet Sundays

Just come back from a little potter round town. Picked up a couple of craft books from the library so I may have a little play around with potato printing later in the week. It looks far more effective than I imagined.
Also I've been doing some more work on the bag I've been making. Its going to have a fairy painted on the front and is coming along okay. Also finished the picture frame I was making.
Need to use up a few of the bits in our reuse box. We have 4 recycle boxes, one for glass, one for plastics and one for paper and one for reusing. This one seems to be filling up so I need to think what I could reuse the bits in there for. I am going to make myself a small light box for photographing some of the smaller bits I make, like the jewellery. I'm also planning on making a holder for our carrier bags.

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