Saturday, 16 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy

After six months of not watching telly we have finally decided to take the plunge and get rid of it and cancel the TV licence! We're just trying to have a think about what to put in the big space it will leave. Hmmm....
Spent a bit too much money this week :/. Thankfully payday in just over a week. I've been trying recycle as much as possible, support our local markets and small shops and buy things that have the minimum amount of packaging. Unfortunately I've been a little too supportive of late, oops! Next week will have to be a cheap week.
The Sweet Peas I planted last week are already starting to come up \o/. Also one of our Amarilis's is flowering which is really pretty. Also the Aloe Vera has grown tons this year. It probably needs repotting so will try and remember to do that tomorrow.


  1. good on you for getting rid of telly-though think of wimbleton!
    Loved the leethal coloured lights link.
    As for shopping locally-I do most of mine at local shops,I save by not buying all the surplus to requirement items like mags!& toiletaries,still buy t.rolls & tins of stuff from the supermarket.
    Allotment looking good.

  2. Hurray I have got the hang of it!!